"We love meeting people, and everywhere we go, they are so nice to us,"

Mujibur Rahman and Sirajul Islam, affectionately referred to as "our good friends" by David Letterman, have both seen their lives take an unexpected twist in the year and a half. In the Fall of 1994, when Dave started introducing his "neighborhood" into the show, his roving camera happened upon

Mujibur and Sirajul and the two were quickly catapulted to fame and something of a "cult" status. They turned out to be perfect "straight men" and foils for Letterman's irreverent humor, and based on the audiences overwhelming response to the two, the show began using them much more frequently.

In June of 1994, Letterman sent the dynamic duo from Dhaka on a much publicized, "Cross Country Tour" in which, in Mujibur's words, they "carried Dave's special message as his goodwill ambassadors." Bright-eyed and beaming cherubic smiles at the wonderment of their fortune and the grandeur of their adopted country, Mujibur and Sirajul set out across the United States and won the hearts of their huge television audience.

The time when they were trout fishing in Montana, wearing their signature suit and tie in hip-waders is probably the most talked about moment according to Mujibur. The highlight of the trip? It's a toss-up between hanging out with Tom Jones in Las Vegas and meeting Dave's mom in Indianapolis. "We were really looking forward to meeting Dave's mom, she's so nice," gushes Mujibur. The scariest moment of the trip was descending the precipitous trails down the Grand Canyon in their suits...on donkeys. The month long road trip took them to 12 famous locations including Niagara Falls, canoeing down the Colorado, handing the Mayor a box of Rice-A-Roni in San Francisco and marveling at Mt. Rushmore.

When not taping the show, they enjoy traveling for personal appearances where they entertain their fans, meeting people, and seeing more of this great country. "We love to travel and see America," says Sirajul. "We love meeting people, and everywhere we go, they are so nice to us," he adds. Particularly in demand at sporting events and radio promotions, these two are swamped for photos, autographs and people who want to invite them over for dinner. Carol O'Friel of San Bruno, California who was in a crowd of fans expressed it this way. "They're famous, but their warmth comes across somehow. They've endeared themselves."

On camera the two are Letterman's sidekicks with his Frat-house hijinx: throwing two dozen presidential souvenir plates out the window, placing a meatball atop "The Late Show" Christmas tree, or falling for practical jokes like a mock investigation of their business by Mike Wallace.

Off camera, the shopkeepers - turned celebrities are family men living in a large Bengali community in Queens, New York. Mujibur is married and has three children aged thirteen, sixteen and an infant. Sirajul lives with his wife and six year old daughter, Nadia, who makes him beam with pride when he speaks of her excellent report cards.

Mujibur and Sirajul have been friends since they met at the University of Dhaka as students. Mujibur studied political science and law in Bangladesh before emigrating to the United States in 1981. Sirajul, who studied Literature worked alternately in the printing business and for a newspaper before he joined his buddy in America.

As the most frequent regulars on "The Late Show", the two average about two segments a week. The Mujibur and Sirajul duo are now working with their new management team at Big Look Management.

Look for them in the soon to be released movie When Lucy Fell and for Mujibur in the upcoming "Movievault of Love".